Daily Services

Our community prides itself on our daily morning minyan. As one of the pillars of Jewish communal life, Avodah – services of God, service of the heart, we pull together to support a minyan year-round.

Beside a spiritual experience, our morning minyan is a communal institution. We will travel to Shiva houses and support community minyanim as needed.

Services are held in our small sanctuary at the back entrance of the building, up the ramp. On weekdays, the morning minyan meets at 6:45AM; on Sundays and National Holidays, 8AM. This service is open to men and women.

While a minyan requires 10 bar-mitzvah aged men, communal prayer demands men and women. We encourage active participation from men and women alike in our prayer services. A women’s section accommodates women who want to pray or are observing a yahrzeit and wish to recite Kaddish for a loved one.

Currently, we do not hold regular Afternoon/Evening Minyan, but we will coordinate minyanim when needed for a Shiva House or Yahrzeit. Please speak with the Rabbi when such a minyan is needed.

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