Chesed – Social Action – Acts of Kindness — these are all terms that mean caring for each other in and around our community. Chesed grows from an understanding of a shared humanity. These acts can seem as ordinary as helping to make the morning minyan or bringing in a few cans of food for the food pantry, but each act is truly honorable and has a great impact.

We provide support to a Shiva house in time of sorrow, through comfort foods, daily minyans, and just being there for those in need. We help the sick with dinners and visitation and prayer, and we support the elderly and homebound with kindness and Kavod, dignity. And we collect Tzedakah during Purim and Pesach and year-round through the Rabbi’s Discretionary fund to help support families and institutions in urgent need.

MFJC members of all ages are involved in Chesed. Young members visit nursing homes to bring smiles to the residents’ faces; teens have participated in food drives and Midnight Run, a NYC-based program that distributes food and clothing to the homeless.

The shul welcomes your ideas and support to help all of us fulfill the mitzvah of Chesed.

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