Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Mt. Freedom Jewish Center is a diverse, vibrant, and family-friendly open Modern Orthodox synagogue that provides religious, cultural, social and educational experiences to the entire Jewish community of Morris County, New Jersey. MFJC strives to integrate Jewish tradition, law and spirit with contemporary life, and through education, social action and social activities, meet the needs of our larger Jewish community.

Vision Statement

Situated at the heart of Morris County, Mt. Freedom Jewish Center is at the center of the American Jewish experience. All Jewish communities, large and small alike, are facing serious financial, educational, affiliation, and ideological challenges. Our vision is to create an atmosphere of a community synagogue, anchored by timeless Jewish practice of the Halacha, where all are welcomed and all have something of value to contribute, regardless of gender, educational background or observance level. We believe that intellectual openness, community-mindedness and ritually welcoming practices are the keys to passionate Jewish life and continuity. We believe that inviting Jewish people and families to participate in this kind of Jewish experience will enable personal growth and community investment.

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 202
Mt. Freedom, NJ 07970

Synagogue Address

1209 Sussex Turnpike
Randolph, NJ 07869

Contact Us

Phone — (973) 895-2100
Fax — (973) 447-7646
Email — office@mtfjc.org

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